A curated list of independent coffee shops.

Our goal is to promote the indie coffee culture and the hard work of the cafés.

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Adbeus was founded by Sleiman Tanios in 2010 as a fun photo web project in Montreal about local coffee shops. The founder was inspired to take the project further when he received feedback from a visitor to his photo site that the location of the coffee shops were not disclosed. He undertook the project to further develop a site that would provide a curated list of independent coffee shops to balance the marketing prowess of larger coffee chains. Adbeus generates awareness about local coffee shops on the web, mobile platforms, and social media platforms. The Adbeus coffee app (iOS and Android) was launched in April 2014. The app received 1000 downloads only after the first day of its launch. The second version of the app was launched in April 2015 and since then the Adbeus app has received 35,000 downloads. Adbeus lists over 1200 coffee shops in 50 cities from around the world.

Our Team

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