What’s up with Adbeus?

Adbeus turned six this year!

To celebrate this special birthday we prepared a shortlist of things we did in the past few years that we can be proud of. We will also tell you a little bit of what’s coming up in the next few month.


We built a website to help indie coffee shops get more exposure. Since we launched, we helped 131,436 people find a coffee shop, that number is rapidly growing!

We built an app for iOS and Android that was downloaded over 30 000 times. This app is used daily by thousands of people when they want to make sure to get a good coffee.

We started in Montreal and grew to 62 different cities around the world. Our list has over 1200 indie coffee shops that our team visited.

Our team consists of 22 people who are passionate about helping indie coffee shops get more exposure. We still need more help, if you’re interested to join visit this page: contribute.

What’s next?

We have a new app coming soon, it’s going to be called Indie Coffee by Adbeus.

We introduced the Coffee Shop Owner dashboard to allow shop owners manage their profiles and promote their business with “Offers”, we will tell you more about it soon!

“Holiday hours” will never be the same anymore. We built a simple messaging system with shop owners to make sure you know exactly when your favorite coffee shops are open even on a holiday.

We are introducing “City Champions”, basically a group of people in each city that are making sure your coffee experience is always the best. Anyone can be a champion, we will tell you more about it very soon!

The Adbeus Global Loyalty program! Do I need to explain what this is? Yes you got it right, it’s a loyalty program that will be available in all indie coffee shops around the world with a single user profile on Adbeus.

We introduced User Profiles on Adbeus, you can now keep track of your favorite coffee shops, your recently viewed on the site and also if you connect your Instagram account, we will tell you which shops you visited and what shops you didn’t visit yet that you might enjoy.

Our “recommendation engine”, basically how we are able to tell you which coffee shops you will enjoy is getting better. We are using information from different sources to make sure we give you the best list every time! You can also help us make it better with this simple game: play.

We are hard at work and making sur this platform grows.

Thank you for your support!

If you have questions or comments, please write us an email: [email protected]