Coffee Can Help One Live Longer

Coffee Can Help One Live Longer

Coffee is the number one trend that takes the world by storm over the past decades. And, another trend that also emerges in the past few years is the chase for longevity. Surprisingly, the two trends coincide, and experts have also agreed on that.

A ten-year study done on 500,000 people in Britain has demonstrated that those who routinely drink coffee are less likely to die than those who don’t drink coffee. This is supported by a Spanish study that shows people older than 45 have a 30 percent lower mortality risk of death for every two additional cups they drink.

To convince you even more, The Harvard School of Public Health followed hundreds of thousands of medical personnel over a 3-decade period and linked coffee consumption to a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological diseases, etc.

The question now is, “Why do those who drink coffee get these positive results?”. According to a study done at Stanford University, the high caffeine content found in coffee has certain properties that counteract the chemical reactions that will lead to inflammation.

Another life-sustaining property of coffee was also discovered by the experts at Krembil Brain Institute. Their study showed that regular coffee consumption can lower the risks of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Experts predict that coffee’s ability to prevent the risk of the two said diseases are related to the way it interacts with called tau and beta-amyloid, which are two toxic proteins that are commonly found in the human brain. Caffeine can prevent their chemical reactions, preventing any build-up of the two toxic proteins.

Of course, coffee is not a magic bullet that will instantly cure all of your diseases. In fact, one report from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that caffeine might leave negative results after the fifth cup. Still, there’s no reason to give your coffee intake up as long as you keep it under healthy doses.

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