How to Get Started with Coffee Pairing

How to Get Started with Coffee Pairing

Do you feel that your coffee game is getting monotonous lately and want to take it up a notch? One way to do so is to figure out the right pairing to enjoy with your coffee. If you never tried coffee pairing, read the sections below to learn what food is best to accompany different coffee recipes.

Dark Mocha with Chocolate Cake

Many of the coffee ground brands we have in our supermarkets feature dark roast coffee, which is why we will start by discussing the best pairing for your dark roast coffee. In this case, the dark roast recipe we use is Dark Mocha.

The main reason Dark Mocha pairs well with a chocolate cake is its similar profile taste. This creates a harmonious combination that will satisfy the taste buds. They both have a slightly bitter edge, but the sugar content in the cake will balance it out.

On the other hand, the delicate bitterness from the Dark Mocha can help to cut through the chocolate cake’s sweetness and creaminess. This will make the cake very palatable for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Light Roast French Press with Banana Bread

Just like dark roast coffee, light roast coffee is also rising in popularity in the past few years. And, among the many options available, the Light Roast French Press is one of the most commonly liked. You can use different kinds of beans for making this coffee recipe, but it is usually best to use a bean with decent acidity and fruitiness.

Yes, light roast coffee is renowned for its acidity and fruitiness, which is why it pairs well with banana bread. The flavor profile of the two things will complement each other, leaving a delicate sensation in our taste buds. On top of that, the banana bread will make your coffee-sipping session more fulfilling.

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